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Next 10 screenings / events

Saturday 01/11 18:30
Ishøj Bio
Genetic Me
Saturday 01/11 19:30
Empire Bio
Finding Fela
Saturday 01/11 21:00
Lille Vega
Sekuoia vs. Anders Malmberg + Ice Cream Cathedral
Saturday 01/11 21:30
Global Copenhagen
Seun Kuti vs. 'Finding Fela'
Sunday 02/11 11:00
Palestine Marathon
Monday 03/11 20:00
Gimle Salen, Science KU
Theatre of Voices: Song from the Soil
Tuesday 04/11 19:00
Islev Kirke
The Immortalists
Wednesday 05/11 11:00
Wednesday 05/11 16:30
Ingeniørhusets Kongressal
Jeremy Rifkin: The Energy Revolution that will Change the World
Wednesday 05/11 20:00
Koncerthuset i DR Byen
Opening Gala

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